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Ariel X

Alias: Granada Hills, Ariel Carmine, The Assassin, Ariel XXX, Sophie Serpentine

Pays: United States

Née: May 15, 1980

œil: Green

Cheveu: Black

La taille: 162 cm

Poids: 49 kg

Seins: Fake

Des vues: 0

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First there was the civil rights movement with Malcolm X, and now we have the women’s rights movement with Ariel X. However, Ariel is really only concerned with one important right: the right to eat tons of hot sweaty pussy. Ariel loves the ladies, and she can’t get enough of shoving her face between a creamy pair of chick thighs and staying downtown in Muff-Ville all day and night. When she doesn’t have a twat ready at hand, you can practically see the tension rising in her eyes, which gets translated to her fingers, which will be instantly shoved up her own fuck holes. Ariel also loves the freaky fetish stuff and is a favorite actress at San Francisco’s studio. There, you can often find her getting her nips and clit electrocuted, getting her anus stretched open by all kinds of creative tools, getting humiliated in public as a naked slut-junky whore, and having hardcore fuck sessions with robotic machines. Ariel was born in California to mixed Irish and Russian parents, so she’s got every drop of European ancestry from West to East, and it all makes her one well-rounded package of eye candy and jerk-off material. She started off as a fetish model before working her way into masturbation porn, lesbian porn, and eventually the freaky BDSM porn. She admits to loving cock in her free time, so we hope to one day see her get stuffed with man meat.

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