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Chad White

Alias: Blair, Chad, Mattox, Trent

Pays: United States

Née: August 5, 1988

œil: Brown

Cheveu: Brown

La taille: 182 cm

Poids: 77 kg

Des vues: 0

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Chad White is a prolific male performer with more than 400 porn scenes under his belt! Hes a white guy from San Diego, California who decided to settle down in Cape Town, South Africa, because he loves being an international jetsetter. About 6 feet tall, he used to weigh 169lbs but later beefed up to a solid 205lbs. He started doing porn because he legitimately loves women. He wants to be around them all the time, and he is always with one who is showing him a good time. Chad says that <a href="">cunnilingus</a> is one of his favorite activities. He loves to slap coconut oil on a girls slit and lick it for hours. Most people consider him one of the top 10 guys in porn because his dick is thick and it always works when he wants it to. That said, he wants you to know that he didnt get to where he is easily; he worked hard and only 35 hours per night to get the job done!  ><br> Chad spends 34 hours working out every day to keep his arms buff and his abs in hot 8pack form. He keeps his chest hairy because it makes the ladies feel more comfortable. He says that a guys grooming isnt important; people just want a kind, fun guy whos fit and has a <a href="">nice cock</a> that works at moments notice. Chad White is a good guy with a great cock who is a winner in every porn movie he stars in!

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