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Charlotte Sartre

Alias: GothCharlotte

Pays: United States

Née: December 6, 1994

œil: Blue

Cheveu: Black

La taille: 157 cm

Poids: 46 kg

Seins: Fake

Des vues: 0

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As you might expect from someone with the last name Sartre, Charlotte is goth, and shes also quite smart. At only 53", 99lbs, she has petite measurements of 32A2232, so shes a real spinner. Within of starting to do porn, Charlotte was already in over 125 scenes, which means that shes quite a mover and a shaker. Although shes kind of alt and goth, she charmed her way into some of todays top studios, including <a href="">Burning Angel</a>, Evil Angel and <a href="">Filly Films</a>. Charlotte says that no one really expected her to do porn, but she was always thinking about it. She cammed for about a year before doing her first shoot. When she realized how much fun it was, she couldnt say no to more opportunities. A true bisexual who kissed a girl before she ever kissed a guy, shes had a girlfriend since before joining the porn industry. Together theyd have threesomes and foursomes with some of the studly guys around town. Charlotte idolizes <a href="">Sasha Grey</a> and says shes one of the reasons she tried porn. Outside of porn, shes studying accounting in college because she wants to have a backup career for when porn doesnt suit her anymore. ><br> Goth to her core, Charlotte loves taxidermy – a common hobby of those with a macabre sense. Moreover, her Twitter name is Goth Charlotte. Not surprisingly, shes into the darker side of sex. She says her favorite sex position is to be hung upside down and given multiple orgasms. As you can see, this is no normal girl. She even plays dark BDSM sex games in her personal life with her girlfriends and boyfriends. Step into the darker side of sex with Charlotte!

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