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CJ Miles

Pays: Philippines

Née: April 13, 1984

œil: Brown

Cheveu: Black

La taille: 142 cm

Poids: 38 kg

Seins: Fake

Des vues: 0

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Two celebrities go by the name CJ Miles: one is a superhot <a href="">Filipina pornstar</a> and the other is a male basketball player for the NBAs Toronto Raptors. In our case, were more interested in the beautiful, amazing woman from the Philippines. With a bachelor of science in computer management, CJ manages her own porn career. After moving to Las Vegas, she started doing porn to have some fun. She also enjoys music and dancing. She says many guys tell her that their girlfriends hate her for being so darn cute and petite. Dont hate the chick; hate the player! CJ is very comfortable with her body, although she was a bit nervous for her first photoshoot. Once she jumped over that hurdle, she felt very confident, and she loves all of her curves. As for her fake titties, CJ says God blessed her with great features and the doctor helped her with realworld photo editing. A presumably religious woman, she claims to be destined to bring sexual pleasure to people through porn. She is living out her lifes purpose! ><br> Often mistaken for Filipina pornstar and <a href="">celebrity</a> TV star <a href="">Tila Tequila</a>, CJ doesnt appreciate the comparison as she wants real personal fame beyond being a lookalike. With her hot body and evergrowing fan base, she is sure to forge her own superstardom.

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